Mission statement of Eden

The mission of Eden is to improve quality of life by giving assistance in developing new drugs or as a partner in healthcare projects. Eden is strongly science oriented and likes to solve complex issues occurring during the drug development process taking timelines and budget into account.
The intention of Eden is to work as consultant/freelance or in collaboration with other consultants to support spin-offs, small and large pharma companies and government. Eden mainly supports early drug development.

Eden could take a role in teaching and mentoring in companies, government, medical doctors, universities and schools.

Eden could be your partner in chemical industry or the linkage between pharmaceutical industry and external partners. 

The values of Eden are Passion, Respect, Integrity and Trust, values which are key in partnerships with our clients. 

Activities of Eden

preclinical development
Support of preclinical development plan
Scientific support
Scientific support
scientific writing
Scientific Writing
coaching and mentoring
Coaching and mentoring
due diligence
Due diligence activities
A taste of mindfulness in an industrial setting
people leader
People leader
drug development
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