Key Scientific Publications

Strategies for absorption screening in drug discovery and development.

H. Bohets, P. Annaert, G. Mannens, L. van Beijsterveldt, K. Anciaux, P. Verboven, W. Meuldermans, K. Lavrijsen.

Current topics of Medicinal Chemistry 2001, 1, 367-383, Review

Comparative pharmacokinetics of HIV-1 non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors of the DATA and DAPY classes of compounds.

P. Lewi, E. Arnold, K. Andries, H. Bohets, H. Borghys, A. Clark, F. Daeyaert, K. Das, M.-P. de Bethune, M. de Jonge, J. Heeres, L. Koymans, J. Leempoels, J. Peeters, Ph. Timmerman, W. Van den Broeck, F. Vanhoutte, G. van t’Klooster, M. Vinkers, Y. Volovik and P.A.J. Janssen

Drugs in R&D, 2004, 245-257.

In search of a nopvel anti-HIV drug: multidisciplinary coordination in the discovery of 4((4-((4-((1E0-2-cyanoethenyl)-2,6-dimethylphenyl0amino0-2-pyrimidinyl0amino0benzonitrile (R278474, Rilpivirine).

P.A.J. Janssen, P.J. Lewi, E. Arnold, F. Daeyaert, M. de Jonge, J. Heeres, L. Koymans, M. Vinkers, J. Guillemont, E. Pasquier, M. Kukla, D. Ludovici, K. Andries, de Bethune, M.P, Pauwels, R., K. Das, A.D. Clark, Frenkel, Y.V, S.H. Hughes, B. Medaer, F. De Knaep, H. Bohets, F. De clerck, A. Lampo, P. Williams and P. Stoffels.

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2005. 48 (6) 1901-1909

Absence of an active metabolite for the triazole antifungal pramiconazole.
J. Ausma, G. Pennick, H. Bohets, V. Van De Velde, M. Borgers and A. Fothergill.
Acta Derm. Venereol, 2007, 87, 22-26.

Recombinant Escherichia coli cells immobilized in Ca-alginate beads for metabolite production.
Wynant, Inneke; Durieux, Alain; Bohets, Hilde; Lavrijsen, Karel; Horvath, Gyorgy; Simon, Jean-Paul.
Biocatalysis and Biotransformation (2009), 27(5-6), 348-359

Comparative tissue distribution of the HDAC inhibitor JNJ-26481585.

Hilde Bohets, Kelly Van Uytsel, Marc De Meulder, Peter King, Ian Hickson, Ann Forslund, Peter Palmer and Steve McClue
AACR-EORTC, Berlin, 201

Rational combinations with HDAC inhibitor, JNJ-26481585.

Ian Hickson, Ann Marien, Marc Janssen, Maarten Serks, Peter King, Tinne Verhulst, Boudewijn Janssens, Hinrich Goelmann, Ilse Van Den Wyngaert, Amy Axel, Hilde Bohets, Angibaud Patrick, Rajendra Kumari, Sue Watson, Janine Arts, McClue Steve and Page Martin.

AACR, San Diego, January 4-7, 2011

Clinical Pharmacology of Alcaftadine, a Novel Antihistamine for the Prevention of Allergic Conjunctivitis.
Bohets, Hilde; McGowan, Claude; Mannens, Geert; Schroeder, Nathalie; Edwards-Swanson, Kimberly; Shapiro, Aron Journal of Ocular
Pharmacology and Therapeutics (2011), 27(2), 187-195

Hoeben, E, Sinha V., de Boer P, Bohets H, Scheers E., X. Langlois , P. Te Riele and H. Lavreysen
Prediction of Serotonin 2A receptor (5-HT2AR) occupancy in man from nonclinical pharmacology data.
Exposure vs. 5-HT2AR occupancy modeling used to help exposure design a positron emission tomography (PET) study in healthy male subjects. 22nd Annual population approach group Europe (PAGE) Meeting, 11-14 June 2013, Glasgow, UK.

The c-Met Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor JNJ-38877605 Causes Renal Toxicity through Species Specific Insoluble Metabolite Formation. Lolkema MP, Bohets HH, Arkenau HT, Lampo A, Barale E, de Jonge MJ, van Doorn L., Hellemans P, de Bono JS, Eskens FA
(Lolkema and Bohets contributed equally to this article).
Clinical Cancer Research (2015) 10, 1158

The importance of dose- and time-dependent pharmacokinetics during early metabolite safety assessment in humans.
Laurent Leclercq, Marc Bockx, Hilde Bohets, Hans Stieltjes, Vikash Sinah and Ellen Scheers.
Book Chapter in Metabolite safety in drug development edit by Suzanne L. Iverson and Dennis A. Smith, 2016

Toxicology studies of Erdafitinib, a pan-fibroblast growth receptor inhibitor in development for the treatment of cancer.
K. Steemans, H. Bohets, S. Starckx, M. Van Heerden, P. Vinken, G.R. Verheyen
Accepted at SOT, Baltimore, March 12-16, 2017